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Voices of Experience Of Intersex Individuals in ‘Orchids

“Orchids: My Intersex Adventure” was born out of a desire to illuminate a world frequently cloaked in misunderstanding, containing stories waiting to be told.

In this journey, we encountered resilience, love, and the indomitable spirit of humanity. Our film is more than just a narrative of intersex lives; it’s an open invitation to understand, empathize, and celebrate our shared, intricate human experience.

Dive into the powerful stories that shaped our documentary, allowing the voices of experience in ‘Orchids’ to embark you on an emotional journey that lingers.

Voices of Experience Of Intersex Individuals in ‘Orchids’

In the groundbreaking film ‘Orchids’, we delved into the world of intersex individuals, their lives, and struggles. Our aim was to enlighten and provide a voice to a subject often left in the shadows.

We would like to share some incredible stories and insights that shaped our production and brought authenticity to the movie.

Hart’s own story: A Journey Through Hidden Truths

Our protagonist Hart had a tale to tell that was more than just a script. Growing up, Hart lived with a family secret that was wrapped in shame and secrecy.

Pressured into a surgery he didn’t fully understand, Hart’s life was thrown into turmoil, facing infertility and ultimately adopting a child. This heart-wrenching journey from innocence to realization is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

Diversity and Complexity: No Two Stories Alike

Intersex conditions and identities are as varied and unique as the individuals who experience them. Tony Briffa, for example, identifies as both male and female, embracing the complexity of his identity.

On the other hand, Aleyshia Manakahae was born with ambiguous genitalia, challenging societal norms from birth. These stories show that there’s no one-size-fits-all definition of what it means to be intersex, and that’s a theme we were passionate about exploring.

Medical Interventions: The Untold Impact

Andie Hider’s story is one of courage and resilience. Subjected to multiple surgeries without her consent, Andie suffered not only physical scars but deep emotional wounds as well.

The depression and suicidal thoughts that followed were a grim reminder of the consequences of medical interventions without understanding or empathy. It’s a cautionary tale that we hope will foster greater compassion and awareness.

Education, Awareness, and Support: The Pillars of Change

Sophie Hart, Phoebe’s niece in the movie, shares the same condition as her aunt. Her story underscores the importance of education, awareness, and support for intersex people and their families.

The sense of community, acceptance, and the fight for recognition are the driving forces behind change. And it starts with all of us listening, learning, and loving without judgment.


‘Orchids’ is more than a film; it’s a conversation starter. Through the stories of Hart, Tony, Aleyshia, Andie, and Sophie, we hope to shed light on a subject that deserves understanding and empathy. These are real people with real stories, and we were honored to give them a voice.

Join us in spreading awareness and embracing the diversity and complexity of human existence. Watch ‘Orchids’, and let the voices of experience touch your heart and mind.

“Orchids” extends beyond mere cinema—it’s a catalyst for dialogue. By sharing the poignant stories of Hart, Tony, Aleyshia, Andie, and Sophie, we aim to shed light on a topic that merits empathy and understanding.

By celebrating this tapestry of human experiences, we hope to inspire a more inclusive, compassionate world.

We invite you to be part of this conversation, either by immersing yourself in “Orchids” or by sharing your reflections if you’ve already seen it. Together, let’s champion understanding, acceptance, and the beauty of human diversity.

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